El GDG Lleida es el Grupo de Desarrolladores oficial de Google en Lleida.

We are living in pandemic days so connections and events have to be made in a hybrid way

| viernes, 20 de noviembre de 2020

Usually, the GDG Lleida will be doing his event in a live way, using the installations of the Scientific Park of Lleida, where we are based, the Polytechnik school, or other schools and institutions we partner with locally. But pandemic times have moved us away from having the opportunity to share these great moments and restraint us to stay behind a Meet.

But schools in Spain are doing his classes with the new normal, having that bubble theory, where a reduced number of students share teachers and classes for learning, in a different way than was before. 

Doing plenty of events next to our local high schools, we initiate to have a hybrid approach, having students coming in from different places, both live, on a Meet, and live streaming through Youtube.

As an example recently we held an Artificial Intelligence talk for the Torrevicens high school, with 1.800 students. Almost 200 were invited to the event, being the ones doing studies related to technical matters. In the one-hour live session topics included were Google cloud infrastructure, TPUs, Tensorflow, Google Lenses, Google Assistant, and Coral boards (shown live).

Finally, the hybrid format worked this way:

- Almost 80 students, attended the high school from 4 different classes with his teacher. Some attended the Meet and some of the live streaming on Youtube.

- A dozen students were quarantining for Covid attending the session through the stream.

- Other interested persons viewed the Youtube live stream (76 views initially) 

- Speaker, Andreu Ibanez GDG Lleida lead, was presenting from his home, where he also develops the 6 live contents from GDG Spain (https://blog.gdg.es/). Also, student Guillem Felis presented from his home.

Approximately 160 attendees viewed the event from at least 22 different locations (houses and classrooms), having a final Q&A session through the Youtube live chat.

The event stream on Youtube:

Some social impacts:


We'll have to continue that kind of interaction for months, till the vaccines are not mainstream, and we'll have to learn about different approaches. This hybrid one worked very well and we wanted to show it.

Thank you for reading.

Andreu Ibanez

GDG Lleida lead - GDG Spain co-organizer

@andreuibanez, @gdglleida, @torrevicens