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Spreading the word about the @GSoC Google Summer of Code project, report from @_farafin_ hangout

| miércoles, 18 de febrero de 2015
It's always for me a pleasure spreading the word about Google technologies, and it's even better where I can explain to students the Google Summer of Code program. I think the university deals very good with giving them general knowledge, but not always thay can afford to be in line with real world technologies, nor with Open Source stuff.

Today I've had the oportunity to make a hangout with students from of the Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg, Germany. 

And his student asociation, farafin

It's been nice due that they approach me and the GSoC lists from Germany requesting help, and we arrange this hangout. About 30 students at peak time appeared on the class and the maximum ten at the open hangout, in that case people from around the world.

As usually I introduced to the main aspect of the project with the slides. Answering all the questions they have.

Showing up other projects I'm next to, such as CC Extractor, with my colleague Carlos Fernandez.

Or the Liquid Galaxy stuff I do with my colleagues from End Point corp, New York, USA, and University Western Sidney, Australia:

Also I show up nice pictures of some of our students that want to come with us to Silicon Valley, and visited the Google campus, Standford, Berkeley or NASA, as it shows:

A nice photogroup:

More photos on G+

Next step will be in Madrid, as you can read in this post, and in Cadiz, as you also can read in this other post.

Now point to GSoC main page, and look around, we look forward for your participation.